Windproof Double Arc Lighter

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Welcome to the most advanced lighter today.
Cased inside a pleasingly weighted steel enclosure, the electrode uses electrical pulse points to create a 2,000 degree (F) plasma arc that will ignite anything in a matter of milliseconds.

The electrode requires no fuel, is fully windproof, and lasts up to one week on a full charge with regular use (100+ starts). 
Big or small, the electrode can light it. Simply hold the arc next to your object, and pull. The electrode's arcs adapt and move to the object you are lighting.

Double Plasma Arc Innovative Design with dual electronic arc, five times faster than single arc lighter.
Ignition within 1-2 seconds, zinc alloy metal body, compact and stylish design

Rechargeable USB rechargeable, reliable, reusable lighter.
Compatible most USB ports (Computer, Car, Tablet), Lights up at the click of a button

Built-in High Performance Battery 2 hours full charge for up 100-300 times use

Safe & Windproof Windproof flameless ARC Lighter. No butane,no gas ,no fluid, no hassle, no problems at all

Safety Feature Will only light up if the top cap is fully opened. Keep children monitored while lighter charging or not in use

Multipurpose Perfect as a outdoor lighter,BBQ lighter,candle lighter,stove lighter wedding celebration utility,fireplace starter,emergency fire starter tool etc

Package Includes : 
1 x Windproof Double Arc Lighter

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Some Of Our Customer Testimonials

It's amazing

“I’ve only had this product for a little while. The battery has lasted for quite a while. I love that it doesn’t work whole the top is closed and you hit the button. No accidental charge while in the pocket or purse. I charged it three days ago and is still running great. I smoke cigarettes and it is wonderful.” – Vivian

Quick points

“🔹This lighter is the absolute best lighter I have ever owned in my life!
I think the reason for it not lighting before (as I stated in my 1st review) was I just needed to charge it, because I haven’t had a problem since then!
🔹I smoke a pack a day (yea it’s nasty) and this lighter stays charged for about 2+ weeks
🔹It only needs 1 hr to fully charge. There is a blue light on the lighter when it’s plugged in but at full charge it turns off.
🔹I have been able to use this to light my smokes with 0 problem when the wind was so strong it was basically blowing trees sideways…
🔹I have saved SO MUCH $$$
🔹Lighters last almost no time at all since the butane is only filled 1/2 way
🔹The lighter doesn’t get hot” – Emlyn

It looks and feels so good

“I just received this and I have to say that I would highly recommend it too anyone. It is highly functional design that allows lighting a candle or cigarette without trying to position it in silly directions due to the angle of the arc . It seems to be a better quality than
Some of the ones that cost twice as much and it was delivered in a nice box if you want to give it as a gift, fully charged with an included usb cable.” – Gary

Responsive AF

“This lighter is beautiful and the plasma arcs are a wonderful electric lavender color. The first lighter I ordered had a faulty battery but the customer service was VERY responsive. They sent me a new one as a replacement. They are a responsible and dependable store! ” – Maxx

Lights the herb as well

“Received product 10 minutes before writing this review. Lighters were charged already so I was able to use one. I bought them to use with blunts. It lit the blunt very quickly and easy. They are so cool. Though I only owned them for about 15 minutes, so far i am happy with my purchase.” – Coleman