Travel Espresso Coffee Maker


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  • Portable, Prepare amazing espresso anywhere
  • Hand Operated, No Batteries, No Electric Power, No Worries
  • A great solution for your next hiking, fishing, climbing, paddling or camping adventure
Great espresso where ever you are. Just a scoop of ground beans and a little hot water - hotel room, campsite, or on the road? No Worries!

With the help of the semi-automatic piston, small quantities of water are injected into the coffee adapter. After few pushes, the optimal extraction pressure is achieved. A rich and bold espresso is extracted.

  • Product Size: 19.6 x 5.8 x 5.5cm/7.71 x 2.28 x 2.16in
  • Amount of powder: 7g
  • Water capacity: 70ml
  • Material: food grade plastic
Package Includes:
1 x Travel Espresso Coffee Maker

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Some Of Our Customer Product Pictures

Some Of Our Customer Testimonials

Ideal cup of espresso

“Its fairly compact and handy. Ideal for ppl who cant function well without a cup of espresso. Easy for those who byo coffee to work….to commute…. Or even to camping.” – Julie

A must have for caffeine lovers

“This Mini Pump is very cutey.I think I can bring it to vacation.I really like it.” – Christa

Just right for 2 people

“It is a great gift for me , my husband is so thoughtful. So far it works so good ,it seems to be my “good friend” when I am away on official business. I have a few tips for you:
I wasn’t afraid that it can’t go with me by air.
Using two hands to pump is better than only one, it’s more efficient and saving of time and labour. You will get a right brew time when you pump fast enough to match the flow.” – Marietjie

Right thing in the morning

“When I travel to hotel . They don’t have espresso machine. I used to drink strong coffee in the morning . This mini express maker really help me save the expression bill and also very convience to use when traveling . Recommend to have one when you travel .” – John

Easy camping

“Make great espresso. Its a savior for me right now as I am living in a temporary apartment and all they got is dripped coffee here. I am now looking forward to take it to my next camping trip. I would suggest the seller to add one more double layer filter. This will help making 2 quick espresso cup.” – Judy