Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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Robot vacuum cleaners are specifically designed for homes with carpets, rugs and floors. Easy to use, easy to maintain, the technology has never been better for reliable, powerful cleanings scheduled at your convenience.

Robot vacuums are perfect if you have pets that shed and have children. And if you're not home because of work or travel, you can schedule cleanings so you won't have to vacuum when you return.
And some vacuums offer WiFi capability so you can manage it from your smartphone.

You get to control your Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from you phone, instantly scheduling cleaning, changing cleaning mode etc
Self learning, self memory and self navigation. Completes cleaning without repetition through intelligent and accurate mapping
Wipe out all dust in your home with a powerful 3000Pa suction motor. This conveniently is low on consumption and noise
Multiple filtration systems to ensure all dust is kept securely. Works on multiple surfaces, wet or dry. Deeper cleaning Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 23

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Some Of Our Customer Testimonials

So so convenient!

“This device has proven to be much better than I expected. I have pets with long hair and while you have to run it a lot to get all the hair, there is no way we would ever have the patience to vacuum a rug for as long as the vacuum will do it. You can vacuum and then run this and have a lot more hair picked up” – Jane

Best gift for my mom

“I did a lot of research before getting this product. I’m quite cheap and do not like spending my money, but this was going to be a gift for my mom since she’s legally blind and usually misses spots when she cleans the house and we’re not always home to help her out. I got the warranty just in case.” – Sanya

Easy to operate

“.It tells you when she’s stuck, done cleaning, or any other important statuses. It shows you how to clean her and when she needs to be clean with instructional videos , which really helps my mom since an instruction book would be too small for her to read. She is part of the family now, though we probably feed her too much.” – Dianna

So helpful around the house

“We have dark oak hardwood floors so I made sure to keep an eye on the robot the first run or two to make sure there would be no scratching. No problems. The brushes are stiff enough to get the dirt but I don’t see any way they could scratch the floor unless a piece of hard wire got tangled and the thing kept running, very unlikely.” – Bonnie

Prepare to be mind blown

“I had been hesitant to buy a smart vacuum because we have really thick carpet and I was worried it would work, I was soooo wrong! It does great on our wood, picks up all sorts of crumbs, food pieces (a lot with a 6 and 1 year old), cat and dog hair (we have 2 of each), and dirt and dust from our shoes.” – Ravi