Paintless Dent Repair Tool


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  • No need for sheet metal tools
  • Pop out dents with minimal effort
  • Simple operation, repair the dent quickly
  • Paintless repairing car dent body, does not damage the original paint
  • Different sizes of traction tabs, depending on size of dent
Do you still worry about the dent on your car? Auto repair shops too expensive?
Do you want to find that hit-and-run guy? We can't help with the latter, but we Can definitely help you remove that Dent with ease!   
  • Product Size: 40cm*10cm*10cm
  • Color:Red/Gold
  • Suitable for: Surface of car, metal plate, refrigerator, washing machine
  • Material: Metal
Package Includes(depending on option):
1 x Paintless Dent Repair Tool
10 x Blue tabs
10 x Red tabs
16 x Black tabs
1 x  Tap down with head

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Some Of Our Customer Product Pictures

Some Of Our Customer Testimonials

Easy dent removal

“After dropping something that was stored overhead in my garage leaving a small dent in my hood, I ordered this Paintless Dent Repair Kit to see if I could remove the dent. It was simple to use and it removed the dent to where it was almost unnoticeable if you didn’t know it was there.” – Henry

A clever gadget

“This dent puller is heavy-duty and more effective than I thought it would be. The squeeze handle design prevents damage to hands and it comes with a variety of attachments and hot melt glue sticks for nearly every type of repair application. Very happy with this purchase.” – Brad

Waay cheaper alternative

“We had a couple of dings on the door of our stainless steel oven. To replace the door would have been extremely costly so I decided to try and remove them with this dent repair kit. To my surprise it worked great! Dings were removed and the oven door looks like new again. I’ve not tried this on my car yet but I’m assuming I’d have much the same result.” – Jordan

Easy process to remove dent

“I received my order today. As everyone else stated the glue gun is not included. I knew that before ordering since the Amazon page stated the fact. Not sure why many buyers are not catching it. I had a small door ding in my wife’s Ford Explorer. I applied the hot glue to the right size adapter and adhered it to the car. I attached the dent puller and in less than a minute it pulled the dent out. I then detached the dent puller and pulled off the adapter. I sprayed the glue left on the car with alcohol.” – Summer

You need this!!

“The product serve its purpose I just fixed three dents from my vehicle and also I fixed a dent on my outside pressure cooker. Good product and it save me a lot of money” – Ash