Next Level Geometric Puzzle


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Practice Your Mind 
with this very unique Asymmetrical Magic Cube and unravel many secrets and techniques  on how to complete this complicated yet amazing puzzle!

Out Of The Ordinary 
Not your typical rubik's cube children usually play with

Complicated Yet Addictive 
Get them now and it will surely help you solve critical problems and even practice your mind in giving out solutions

The Next Level Geometric Puzzle helps to fully exercise the ability of one's brain in logical thinking and hand coordination. 
This toy is not just for kids but for everybody!

Perfect For Destressing At Anytime

Create Shapes The limit is your imagination!

Package Includes:
1 x Next Level Geometric Puzzle

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Some Of Our Customer Testimonials

Bring out that inner genius

“My kid LOVES this! He has used / has the regular sized ones for years, but the longer size has so many more possibilities!” – Ben

Creative juices flowing

“My genius child can build anything with this. I am so glad that I bought this for him. He has come alive creatively and I thing that this toy is training him to be an engineer when he gets older.” – Gladys

All kinds of designs

“Kids have fun for hours playing and making their own designs! Let the kids come up with their own designs or help them look up instructions on YouTube for making other designs they didn’t know about!” – Allison

I play at work

“its a fun toy, its durable, and it lives up to or over the pricing. highly recommend if looking for a rubiks snake” – Ross

Clever design for kids

“A well made product. Provides hours of fun and a great challenge for kids’ and adults’ mind.” – Keshava