Male Beard Catcher Apron


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  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to use suction cups to stick on mirror
  • No mess, no fuss!

Now there's an easier way to shave/ trim your beard without having to clean up the floor after! Get up close with the mirror to make sure you do a perfect job! Catch hair clippings as you trim, with the Male Beard Catcher Apron

  • Color: White,Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 120*80cm
Package Includes:
1 x Beard Trimming Apron
2 x Suction Cups

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Some Of Our Customer Testimonials

So simple - any you need it

“My wife lets me trim again! Before this beard trim catcher, my man fur ended up everywhere… I was hearing it on a daily basis from the misses. This is the perfect solution…super easy clean up. My whiskers slide right off this puppy! I bought two more as gifts, extremely happy.” – Benny

No mess

“I love this product! Suction cops are strong and the material is high quality. I highly recommend this for any bearded man or spouse of a bearded man! The sink is clean after trimming!” – Kendal

No problem for wheelchair

“Just use it for the first time, and I’m throughly impressed with how easy it is to use and clean.
I’m in a wheelchair, and getting over the sink to shave is a task in itself. With the Beard Bib, I was able to apply the suction hooks to the counter top and didn’t have to worry about leaning up and over, saving me a lot of frustration and back soreness. My only wish is, that I would have purchased it sooner.” – Gordan

Suction cups work well

“Genius! Keeps the hair off my sink. Once I learned how to use the suction cups properly (took me one time of spilling hair all over-should have read the directions) they stick super solid and I’ve had only success since. I’m able to spin around and clean up and trim the back of my neck as well. ” – David

My boyfriend loves it

“I bought this on a whim as an easy bonus gift for my boyfriend’s birthday, not knowing if he’d even like it. It’s his FAVORITE thing. He says it makes beard trimming so much easier and faster to clean up after. It catches all of the hairs and the hairs slide right off into the trash.” – Rachael