Emergency Car Tire Puncture Repair Kit


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  • Quickly Repair Tire Punctures 5 step solution
  • Convenient Includes all tool needed
  • Vulcanized Rubber Strips Super Strong Adhesive for your tire
  • Perfect For Emergencies
  Package Includes :
2 x Hand Drills
1 x Glue
3 x  Vulcanized Rubber Strip

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Some Of Our Customer Testimonials

Everything you need

“everything that you would need to make basic repairs to your tires. I bought this, a pump, Valve stem replacement kit and a grip to put it all in.” – Josh

Nothing fancy - just functional

“.I have always used these rubber plugs to repair tire leaks for my car and others as it’s overall the best solution out there when you’re in the middle of nowhere and your spare is small donut. I haven’t had to use it yet and hope I won’t have to much if at all, but I appreciate that the kit comes nicely bundled and small enough you can place in your glove compartment or back in the spare tire well.” – Alex

Trails and tyres

“Fortunately I have’y had to use this kit yet. I bought it to carry in my UTV as our entire family rides the trails of Wisconsin very frequently. This kit is compact and comes with everything you need to do a tire repair on the trail. I know it will just be a matter of time before I need it, but even if I don’t it’s a great piece of mind to have it with me on all of our trail rides.” – Jamie

DIY is best

“My regular mechanic quoted me $50 to plug my tire and remount it. I used my new All Tools kit this morning and it paid for itself.” – David

Did someone say roadtrip

“This kit looks like an entire road repair for tires. Together with the emergency air inflator, I should be able to repair minor Tire punctures on the road. Was caught flat footed to many times… Now I live way out in the country and AAA is not as timely responsive for the distance now.” – Oscar