Car Scratch Remover Pen

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  • 3 easy steps, very simple to apply
  • Portable, non-toxic & easy to use
  • Fastest scratch repair tool on the market
  • Non-toxic, permanent, odorless and water resistant
  • Fit for Any car, Any color
Can't get over that scratch on your car? Introducing the Car Scratch Remover Pen! A must have for car owners. 
Excellent product for clearing scratches at a fraction of the cost

How to use:
1.Shake Car Scratch Remover Pen applicator thoroughly with cap on
2. Facing downward, PRESS & RELEASE to saturate tip
3.Apply Car Scratch Remover Pen to scratch, coating desired amount of times
4.Quickly wipe off excess with dry paper towel
5. Done!
  • Pen Color: Yellow
  • Item size: 143*15(max)mm
  • Package weight: 30g
Package Includes:
1 x Car Scratch Remover Pen
2 x Spare Tips

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Some Of Our Customer Testimonials

Works on deep scratches too

“I got some deep cuts in my car which were not getting away with the scratch cloth , so ordered the pen and it did worked nicely.” – Lauren

Functional pen that you need

“This is what you use to clean out and remove the residue and paint chips from a scratch. Then you use a micro applicator to fill in the scratch or chip.” – Mike

This pen saves hassle

“I never tried anything like this before and am impressed how well it works for rock dings on a car, where you’ve gone down to the bare metal. This pen covers scratches in a smaller area . A must for touching up chipped car paint.” – Bradley

Cheap and best car pen

” It is good for a cheap repair, at least it will stop the metal from rust. However, the color is close but not exactly the same” – Dave

Repaired my car scratch

“This car scratch remover did exactly what I expected it to do. I knew it would not repair a scratch completely but it did make the scratch unnoticeable. Before, it was a dark, deep ugly scratch. After applying this it was unnoticeable to the naked eye. Unless you get really close to the car, and you knew there was a scratch there before you can’t see it anymore.” – Holly