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The ALL-NEW dermatologist-approved way to remove blackheads!

Until now, the only way to remove blackheads from your skin was to literally scrape them off! The traditional technique damages your skin and leaves the blackhead's root in place. Remove those nasty blackheads root and stem with the ALL-NEW Blackhead Vacuum Pro
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Why you should invest in The Blackhead Vacuum Pro?

  • Completely removes all blackheads, whiteheads, and any excess oils from your skin.
  • Almost immediate results, leaving your skin glowing post-use!
  • Only takes five minutes to completely cleanse your skin!
  • Uses three different suction settings, so you can get the perfect amount of suction for your skin type.
  • Features five suction tips to give you even more personalization!

How to Use:

  1. Clean your face with warm water.
  2. Steam your face with a warm towel or have a warm shower for 5-10 minutes to allow your pores to be opened.
  3. We recommend using the weakest intensity first.
  4. Drag the Skin Vacuum across the skin; do not keep it in one place for too long (more than 5 seconds) because the suction may leave temporary red patches. If needed move the Skin Vacuum very slowly over the area but be sure not to stay in one position for too long.
  5. After you have finished using the Skin Vacuum, use a cold towel or mask to fully close your pores.
  6. Apply facial moisturizer and enjoy your blemish-free face!
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Package Includes:

1 x Blackhead Vacuum Pro 1x Microcrystalline Probe
1x Oval Probe
1x Small Circular Probe
1x Big Circular Probe
1x Small Pointed Probe
1 x USB Charger
1 x FREE PDF Manual


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Blackhead Vacuum Pro leave bruises on my face?
A: If used correctly the Blackhead Vacuum Pro will not leave any bruises or red marks on your face. The correct way to use this device is to glide it slowly across your face using your favorite suction setting.

Different suction tips give different amounts of suction due to varying sizes. If you were to keep the Blackhead Vacuum Pro in one place for too long, it could potentially leave red patches on your skin due to your blood rushing to that area. However, the red patches can completely disappear within 15-20 minutes.

Q: What results can i expect?
A:  Your body creates 40,000 dead skin cells per day and these dead cells can end up in your hair follicles and pores! These dead skin cells also hide in areas of the surface of the nose so, this is where you will see the most results.

We recommend targeting the areas that are most greasy. For example, the corner of your nose. If used with its highest setting, the Blackhead Vacuum Pro can remove much more waste than you think! Always steam or use a warm towel on your face prior to use to loosen up any waste in your pores.

The smallest tip can clear your pores much more efficiently, but you will have to glide quickly to prevent skin reddening. Immediately after use your face will feel more sensitive, but will also feel extremely relieved! Within 1-2 weeks of use your blackheads will begin to disappear due to cleaner, healthier skin.

Q: Does the Blackhead Vacuum Pro make your pores bigger? A: No, the Blackhead Vacuum Pro does not cause pore enlargement. The pore might be temporarily inflamed due to the amount of caked on dirt coming out of them, but any inflammation should go down within five to ten minutes.

Q: What happens if it doesn't work?
A: If the device totally doesn't work or turn on (which almost never happens), contact us to either get a refund or another shipped to you, as per our return policy! If the device doesn't work in the way you expected, we recommend reading our instructions once again and giving it another try.

If the Blackhead Vacuum Pro absolutely doesn't meet your expectations contact us and we will give you a full refund. Our goal is to continue growing our family (you), and keeping you all as happy as possible! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Can I use the Blackhead Vacuum Pro on other parts of my body? A: Yes, the Blackhead Vacuum Pro works great to target acne on not only the face but also shoulders, back, legs etc.

We fully back this product with our satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason, we will gladly refund you.  Go ahead and give our product a try - risk free. At Anytime Gadgets, the customer is always first.  

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Some Of Our Customer Testimonials

This works!!

“I really enjoy this product! I like how simple it is to use and it functions as described. I have been using it for the past two weeks and my skin is starting to clear up. The blackheads on my nose are gone! So that’s great! I think as long as I continue to be consistent, this product will benefit me greatly!” – Amberley

My face feels refreshed

“This item is so much stronger than I expected. I’ve used it a couple times and I absolutely love how refreshed it leaves my face feeling. I used to worry about the condition of my skin and the look but after using the vacuum, I’ve found myself excited about how my face will continue to improve.” – Teresa

Unclogs dirty pores

“We will order again. I was skeptical about this at first but it does work well. Unclogs pores overuse and makes your skin look healthy!! I now incorporate it into my skin routine: steam, wash, pore vacuum cleaner, moisturize! It doesn’t need to be used on the highest suction” – Fiona

So much dirt on my face

“This works great to get the dirt from your pores. I was amazed at how much dirt there is. I think I’m going to try steaming my face with a warm washcloth to get even better results. Just don’t linger on any one spot. Well cause redness.” – Ariane

See the gunk that comes out

“Works GREAT!! I disliked the nastiness I cleaned out of the device but that made me like it even more, because, seeing that proves to me it works!! And leaves the skin feeling so refreshed. Wish I discovered this a long time ago!” – Mel